Books – fiction and non-fiction

Commercially published

Self published / BOD and unpublished

  • Climate Poker (MindQuest, 1999, English, based on Master’s thesis, Univ. London / King’s College, includes the “Warning to the World” of all living Nobel Laureates of the sciences, re-published with permission of the Union of Concerned Scientists)
  • Rabenwelt / Raven World (novel, MindQuest, 1999)
  • das verbotene Buch / The forbidden Book (MindQuest, 2000)
  • Trek Science – with warp-speed into the future? (formerly published by ECON as “Star Trek Science”, extended new edition MindQuest, 2001, self pusblished via BOD as further extended and updated edition in 2008, now including comprehensive interviews with Michio Kaku und Rupert Sheldrake)
  • Chili Cola (non fiction/Essay, unpublished, 1990)
  • Kontaktprobleme / Contact Problems (Science-fiction novel, unpublished, 1989, published in parts as short stories.)

Some peer-reviewed scientific publications

Scientific presentations and university publications

Arrticles (popular science, activism, PR; selection)

Short stories, commercially published

  • Raytracing Trap (Science Fiction, c’t Magazin für Computertechnik, 5, 1995, shortlisted for the Kurt Lasswitz Prize)
  • Jupiter (fantastic short story, literature magazin “der Sperling”, issue “Planeten”, 2006)

Book contributions as Co-Author, editor or consultant

  • Caroline (scientific advisor; creative consultant; Novel of the Max Winter series of thriller by Felix Thijssen, 2003, published in German by Grafit Verlag, Dortmund)
  • SETI (scientific advisor, by Tobias Daniel Wabbel, Beustverlag, 2002)
  • Solarwärme Optimal Nutzen / Optimal use of Solar Heat (by Norbert Schreier et al; Rotamedia Verlag, editorial work, 2007)
  • Technisches Handbuch 2007 – Technik, Planung, Montage (380 pages, editor & co-author, German edition, Wagner & Co Verlag)
  • Technisches Handbuch 2008 – Solarthermie, Pelletheiztechnik, Photovoltaik (490 pages, editor & co-author, Wagner & Co Verlag; Herausgeber und Redakteur)
  • Technical Handbook 2009 – Solar Heating and Solar Electricity (324 pages, editor, translator, author, Wagner & Co Verlag)
  • Technical Handbook 2011 – Solar Heating and Solar Electricity (523 pages, editor, translator, author, Wagner & Co Verlag)
  • Jäger verlorenen Wissens, popular science book contributions, Erich v. Däniken, 2004
  • Brisante Archäologie, popular science book contributions, edited and published by Erich von Däniken, 2008
  • Roadmap for the Development of Desalination Powered by Renewable Energy (co-author), edited by Michael Papapetrou et al, Fraunhofer ISE, 2010
  • Galaktische Horizonte / Galactic Horizons, popular science book contribution, edited and published by Erich v. Däniken, 2018
  • In Memoriam Hilmar Duerbeck, Acta Historica Astronomiae, ed. by Wolfgang R. Dick and Christiaan Sterken, book contribution

Other media

  • Participation in half hour TV show for the German popular science TV magazine “Planetopia” about the topic “Star Trek und die Wissenschaft” (Star Trek and Science), also before the camera, 2002)
  • Participation in half hour radio production on “exotic” university subjects, Leonardo, WDR 5, 2003)
  • Co-Autor of a 13t part science fiction series for the Dutch TV (“de Anderen”, Maggan Films, 1997, in cooperation with Felix Thijssen)
  • Various training videos (Text & conception) on solar technology installation (Wagner & Co, 2009)
  • Development of online Moodle courses


And much more…

Numerous formal and informal Internet publications, internal corporate communications, expert opinions and reports covered by confidentiality agreements, blogs, articles, poetry, fiction and scientific contributions at formal and informal scientific conferences and meetings, all in German and English.