Stefan Thiesen - Translator, Writer, Researcher

This site is under construction and will be the new web presence for Stefan Thiesen: Writer & Researcher

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Research & Fact Checking

  • Contract research, writing and fact checking on expert level in Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences
  • Research and contract writing on advanced journalistic level in IT, economics, politics, history and social sciences
  • Scientific backup for NGOs
  • Expert opinion for court and political decision making processes (energy, environment, infrastructure)
  • Independent third party evaluation of consulting- and marketing company work
  • Independent 2nd opinion service to aid management decision making

High-End translation service

Bilingual German <--> English science, technology, economics, law and literature translations by Oxford qualified writer and University of London graduate degree holding Earth and Space Scientist.

Teaching, Training, Documentation

Development of teaching and training material, including web platforms (e.g. moodle based) and relevant visual and textual content for education and training in school, industry and the public sphere.

In special cases development of handbooks and technical documentation, including risk analysis


We all know that new members of development teams often are able to supply fresh ideas from a different angle before, equally often, becoming integrated into the team and company mainstream culture. Routine kills creativity, and even a temporary new member of a team often can help to deal a new set of cards, often with surprising results.